Porsche History

blankFerdinand Porsche has worked in the automotive industry since the end of the 19th century. After being employed by several brands, he created his own design office in 1931. In the aftermath of the war, and while Ferdinand Porsche was imprisoned, the Porsche office resumed its activities in Austria under the leadership of Ferry Porsche, son by Ferdinand.

The latter was behind the development of the first Porsche automobile. Based on a Volkswagen 1200, Porsche is building a sports car: the 356. The car seduces and production rates are increasing at Porsche. The company was again established in Germany in Stuttgart-Züffenhausen in 1950. Race models helped build the brand’s reputation in competition.

In 1963, the legendary Porsche 911 was unveiled. After almost disappearing in the 1970s, the 911 is now in its seventh generation. The range widens downwards from 1969 with the 914, produced jointly with Volkswagen, then upwards in 1977 with the 928 and its V8 engine. After a prosperous 1980s thanks to the renewed success of the 911 G-series, Porsche experienced a severe crisis in the early 1990s.

The German manufacturer then rectified the situation with the fourth generation of 911, the 993 type, still based on the original 911, then with the Boxster roadster, and finally with the Cayenne crossover launched in the early 2000s. This development of the range brought excellent financial results for Porsche.

The sports car manufacturer has regularly cooperated with Volkswagen. In 2005, Porsche acquired 19% of the capital of the Volkswagen group. It steadily increases its stake to more than 50% at the start of 2009. Despite solid economic results, Porsche finds itself in heavy debt due to the acquisition of part of the capital of Volkswagen. This situation led to the merger of Porsche and the Volkswagen group in 2012.

Today, Porsche has remained true to its DNA and continues to offer a wide range of sports cars, available in coupes, convertibles, roadsters, and even sedans since the arrival of the 4-door Panamera in 2009. Furthermore, with the advent of the SUV, the Zuffenhausen firm has effectively established itself in this new segment, where the Cayenne and the little Macan are bestsellers. It also does not forget the ecological challenges that currently govern the automotive world, and intends to offer in a few years its first 100% electric sports car, prefigured by the Mission-E concept car, presented in 2017.

Porsche prices

Make Model Price from
Porsche Portofino $
Porsche 488 $
Porsche F8 $
Porsche GTC4Lusso $
Porsche 812 SuperFast $
Porsche 458 $
Porsche SF90 $
Porsche Monza $
Porsche Enzo $
Porsche F40 $
Porsche F50 $
Porsche Dino $
Porsche Testarossa $
Porsche LaFerrari

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