Ferrari History


Born in Modena on February 18, 1898, Enzo Ferrari, founder of the legendary Italian automobile brand, devoted his entire life to his passion for racing. Designer and manufacturer of sports cars, he was originally a test driver for Alfa Romeo.

In the 1930s, he founded the “Scuderia Ferrari” to allow “gentleman drivers” to demonstrate their talents behind the wheel of their own car. The myth was underway.

Rider alone

After being appointed head of Alfa Corse in 1938, Enzo Ferrari decided to resign a year later to found his own company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, which was born in the old buildings of the Scuderia.

He built there shortly after a first model, an 815 Spider (8 cylinders for 1500 cm3).

The Second World War having stopped all activity related to the automobile race, Enzo Ferrari benefits from it to settle in Maranello. There he produced a second, even more powerful model, equipped with a 12-cylinder engine of 1,500 cc, the 125 S.

This fabulous spider will allow Enzo Ferrari to win more than 5,000 races around the world. A legend was born. Ferrari had made history.

A rearing horse as an emblem

The history of the Ferrari emblem is just as fabulous as that of the car manufacturer. A circuit victory in 1923 brought Enzo Ferrari to meet Count Barraca, father of a skilled fighter pilot during the war. He proposed to him to affix on his vehicles the “Cavallino Rampante”, badge which the pilot used in homage to his old regiment of cavalry “Piemonte reale”, based in Modena.

Originally white on a red background, the legendary black color would have been adopted by Barraca’s squadron teammates after his death. “My son’s badge will bring you happiness,” said Count Barraca to Enzo Ferrari. A decidedly prescient sentence!

The logo was thus used as a badge of the Scuderia, first on the Alfa Romeos aligned by Ferrari, then on the racing Ferraris.

Think like a winner …

This extract from the motto of Enzo Ferrari speaks volumes about the ambition of the manufacturer. The sports lines, as well as the performance of its vehicles, exploded the demands, so much so that the manufacturer sold 50% of its shares to the Fiat group at the end of the 80s, to meet the increasing orders. Today, becoming a Ferrari customer is a unique privilege.

Ferrari: the flagship of excellence

Ferrari plays a major role in the automotive world. In competition as in the premium segment, the brand has inspired many manufacturers. With a wide range of exceptional vehicles, 8 to 12 cylinder engines assembled with clockmaker precision, manufacturing worthy of haute couture, each Ferrari is unique.

Since the famous 125 S of the 1940s, production has continued to evolve. Ferrari Dino, GTB, DB 512, TestarossaF40, 348 Spider, 550 Maranello, 360 Modena, and more recent models like the 458 Spider or the 458 Speciale, are some of the legendary models of the brand.

And to top it all off, a first hybrid model called “LaFerrari” is offered in a limited series of just 499 copies. With 963 CV, this racing cars embeds the latest imaginable technological innovations and will, according to the manufacturer, a benchmark for the entire automotive industry.

Ferrari Prices

Make Model Price from
Ferrari Portofino 195 377 €
Ferrari 488 226 039 €
Ferrari F8 232 694 €
Ferrari GTC4Lusso 233 210 €
Ferrari 812 SuperFast 297 914 €
Ferrari 458 321 611 €
Ferrari SF90 423 514 €
Ferrari Monza 1 575 833 €
Ferrari Enzo 1 575 833 €
Ferrari F40 1 575 833 €
Ferrari F50 2 512 633 €
Ferrari Dino 1 575 833 €
Ferrari Testarossa 1 575 833 €
Ferrari LaFerrari 1 575 833 €

Ferrari Models