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How Much Do Ferraris Cost?

The price of a Ferrari depends on a variety of factors, including their scarcity and the number of models produced. Retail prices are one thing, but many Ferraris appreciate in value over time and typically sell at auction for significantly more than their retail price.

What’s the Typical Ferrari Price?

For many of these vehicles, the retail price of a Ferrari is more of a starting point than an ending point, but here are the starting prices of some of Ferrari’s most recent offerings:

    • Ferrari 812 Superfast Retail Price: $335,000
    • Ferrari 812 GTS Retail Price: $404,494
    • Ferrari F8 Tributo Retail Price: $270,530
    • Ferrari F8 Spider Retail Price: $280,000
    • Ferrari Portofino M Retail Price: $226,000
    • Ferrari Roma Retail Price: $218,670
    • Ferrari SF90 Stradale Retail Price: $625,000

However, retail price is only the beginning, especially for limited models.

What's the most expensive Ferrari?

A 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a staggering $70 million in 2018. There are a number of reasons why this vehicle, with chassis number 4153 GT, fetched such an astronomical price:

There were only 39 250 GTO models produced, and it is extremely rare to find one for sale.
This specific model won the Tour de France in 1964 with Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger at the wheel.
The automobile is extraordinarily well-preserved and largely original.
Despite its long history, this model has never suffered significant accident damage.
In 2012, the vehicle was presented for Classiche documentation.
Prior to the sale of this particular GTO, the record for the most expensive Ferrari was held by a 1963 GTO that sold in 2013 for $52 million.

The $70 million GTO is believed to be the most expensive automobile in the world; we expect the auction winner, Weathertech Founder and CEO David MacNeil, to be extremely pleased with his purchase.