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BRABUS for sale


BRABUS is the biggest car tuner in the world. Brabus is an aftermarket tuning and restoration brand that takes Mercedes-Benz cars to new heights. Founded before 40 years in Germany, Brabus has been creating supercars from Mercedes vehicles and every year comes with new amazing hig

h-performance cars on the market. If we watch at the number of cars tuned & exported worldwide, BRABUS is the biggest and most famous tuner brand worldwide. Starting from Smart to G63 6×6, BRABUS have tuning programs from all kind and size of Mercedes,

 and even have a subdivision of special customisation for Private Je

ts ” BRABUS Aviation “.  The most famous brabus models are the iconic G63 800, G63 6×6 BRABUS, Rocket, Maybach and the 888 horsepowe G65 BRABUS

BRABUS Cars price

Prices for BRABUS Cars starts from 100’000 € to 2’000’000 €

Indeed, it is very difficult to say a price for a specifical brabus vehicle, as there is unlimited possibilities of tuning, performance & customisation of any vehicle. But we know few price of BRABUS Cars and here they are:

  • Mercedes-Benz BRABUS Rocket 900 : 400’000 €
  • Mercedes-Benz BRABUS G65 V12 900 : 500’000 €
  • BRABUS G63 6×6 700 : 1’500’000 €