All-new Audi S8

    When it comes to Audi S8, it remains that brand’s flagship car to this day.

    Standing to be the most technologically-advanced, fastest, and luxurious saloon car of the brand, the Audi S8 is far more than just some typical luxury limo – it’s a legitimate, top-of-the-line performance car.

    With an astoundingly powerful 4.0-litre V8 engine that runs on petrol – as opposed to the rest of the S car range that has switched over to operating on diesel power – and 563bhp, the performance level of the S8 is something another sports car would only embarrass itself in trying to reach.

    With real exhausts exuding the sound this time around, winding the S8’s engine all the way to the redline is backed up by the raspy-edged, old-school noise of the V8.

    The turning circle of this model has shrunken by a full metre, along with the rear-end wheels being able to turn in the opposites direction of the forefront wheels, allowing for the dynamic, all-wheel system.

    When driving on the motorway, the S8 manages to tone down all tire and wind noise down to null. The car’s MHEV system is nearly unnoticeable, with its fast-acting start/stop.

    There is also the promise of a smooth ride with the S8’s new predictive active air suspension system, working magically over ginormous speed-bumps. Not to mention the way the car will rise up to greet you, as well as assist you in exiting it as naturally as possible.

    With driving aids like collision avoid assist, turn assist, active lane assist, intersection crossing assist, blind spot warning, self-parking assist and so many more, the S8 is pretty much capable of virtually driving itself.

    The S8 also comes along with a three-year period, unlimited-kilometre warranty right from the factory, and the car’s servicing is offered at intervals of hitting either 15,000km or 12 months.


    It won’t, however, come across as a surprise that the S8, though not as outrageously expensive as certain other cars, is predicted to be priced around £100k. Add along the fact that a V8 petrol engine is far from economical.

    As a car typically only affordable to those belonging to the ‘one-percent’, at the end of the day it has to be considered just how much are you willing to pay for the chance to drive around in a high-performing, luxurious saloon.

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